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Garages & Storage Sheds

Jay’s Handyman Services offer a wide variety of options to personalize or to custom fit any building design to a particular need. For instance, just a few of the many doors that can be utilized include larger size doors, steel doors, patio doors, commercial glass doors or garage doors. Windows include larger sizes, tinted, double pane or just about any window that can be used in traditional building or custom build buildings. You choose the door and window location. Other options might include room partitions, plumbing, cabinets, a variety of floor coverings or floor insulation. Choose vinyl, gypsum or wood paneling interior finishes. Air-conditioning or provisions for airconditioners to be installed on-site are offered as is additional insulation, wiring in conduit, double skids, 3/4″ plywood flooring, 2″x6″ or 2″x8″ or 2″x12″ floor joists, work benches and peg-board… whatever the need might be in custom building or options, we can provide it.